Girl behind “EasyontheGLOW”

Hi my lovely people.

My name is Jasmin Lee and I am an inspiring MUA (makeup artist).I am 22 years old with a huge interest of all thing beauty-related. Whether it be hair, makeup or fashion. I decided to do a blog to help those beginning with makeup primarily.  Also to share whatever tips and tricks I have learned throughout this makeup experience.

As far as the name goes “EasyontheGlow” comes from finding beauty products that are “easy on the” pockets and “glow” because everyone wants that beautiful glow whether it be from makeup or naturally.

If you visit my page please keep all negativity to a minimum. Its okay to state your opinion in a professional matter verse being rude. I don’t promote negativity and bullying on the internet or in life.  Let’s empower each other as women. Primarily our younger girls. A place where we can discuss all things we love. We can all learn from each other. So lets just have fun and talk beauty.  If you have any questions ASK! There’s no such thing as a DUMB question! Thank you lovely ladies.

If you are intersted in my social media outlets:


Thank you for taking the time out to visit my blog && enjoy. “Be kind to one another” – Ellen DeGeneres


Just in case you wanted to see me =)



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