Monthly Beauty Box: Why I love IPSY

Products from Ipsy I like && use

So I love the idea of monthly beauty subscriptions! The point of beauty box companies are so the consumer can sample products for a set price a month just like a magazine. What is better than a magazine, a beauty box filled with makeup,hair or skincare items that you can actually use!

Ipsy is probably the most popular monthly beauty subscription because the majority of the products sent are FULL size. You recieve around 4-5 products in a cute little makeup bag. Each month has a different theme which than leads to which products you will get. Before applying for the bag you will have to do a quiz which I would answer as true as possible so you can recieve items you actually like! you can also always redo the test (which I have done so much) just to make sure the bag fits your liking. I forgot to mention the bag is only $10.00! What, yeah $10 bucks. The items in the bag always amount to way more than ten dollars and you may find an item you love! Why are you missing out on this!

1.They send you products that are easy to obtain
2.Products range from low to high end (City Color Cosmetics to Urban Decay)
3.items are usually full size
4.cute makeup bag each month that you can reuse
5.IPSY site is a community of women who love makeup & can share how they use their Ipsy products.
6.You can always change our quiz anwser. We are women, we change our minds alot. Lol
7.They provide you with discount codes so if you love an item and you used up your sample, you can buy the item with a discount!

If you are a Makeup girl Check out IPSY! Now every once in a while you may recieve a hit or miss products but thats the fun you never know what you will get but you can’t lose out since its like paying for one item and having the rest for free! So if ou have never seen Ipsy watch my video to see a few items I have from ipsy and enjoy.


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