Rain Makeup Academy REVIEW//Affordable Makeup online course

So for such a long time I was looking for an online program that would provide me with a makeup certification for an inexpensive price. Just so happens I ended up finding a makeup course under the name “RPM Makeup Academy“. I was skeptical about it at first like anyone would be just because it seemd to good to be true.

The school is brought to you by celebrity makeup artist by the name of Rain Andreani. She has done makeup looks on Brittney Spears, Paris Hilton, Mandy Moore and much more. So that was comforting to know I was going to be taught by someone who has done starlet makeup. The prices of the school I must say are very affordable. The classes are broken up in level form. So the more you learn the more you pay but well worth it. 

I picked the “Master Artistry” class because it taught a reasonable amount of things but also within my price range. If it were up to me I would have chosen the highest form of class which is “The Ultimate Artistry class with special FX.” I can say overall the experience with this school was great. The only problem was unfortunately the brushes they provide you with were taken from my mail and it was very difficult to get a response about possibly getting another one. They just gave me the run around but there just brushes and I was going more for the certification anyway. The lessons are taught by pre recorded videos where Rain teaches you a specific look. For example a smokey eye look where you will watch the video then take a quick quiz on the information you just learned. The video can be viewed as many times as you like. After the video lesson and the quiz you are asked to recreate the look yourself on someone or on you. You then send that in by email and she grades your work and little tips on how to improve the look.

Overall my experience was GREAT and I wish I had found this earlier! They give you a year to complete the program. I finished in 4-6 months but you can honestly finish this in a less than a month if you wanted to. So now I have received my makeup certification which feels awesome and now I can sign up for MAKEUP PRO cards to help build my kit. So for those of you questioning this school I would say just go for it! If you can afford it and love special effects as well go for the Ultimate class. 

Hope this help someone since there aren’t so many reviews out there on this hidden gem of a school! 


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